Bangsar South

Bangsar South, formerly known as Kampung Kerinchi, is a residential/commercial area located in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Quickly evolving into a trendy hotspot, Bangsar South is home to a number of commercial offices that are home to many established companies’ headquarters. It also offers prime real estate for up and coming businesses. The 60-acre piece of land also offers a series of affordable and high end residential complexes.

Commercial Office Towers in Bangsar South

In terms of commercial space, Bangsar South has a number of skyscrapers to choose from. Given how it is easily accessible by the Kerinchi LRT station, the area is a prime location for businesses to establish headquarters. 

New Office for Rent Near Public Transport in Bangsar

If you’re looking for a new office for rent near public transport in Bangsar, you can explore Menara BT. Menara BT is a 20 storey office tower that is within walking distance of the Kerinchi LRT station. It offers office space for rent in Bangsar. Due to Menara BT’s proximity to the LRT, the tower can offer office space for rent near the LRT station. The office building also offers office space for rent near the Federal highway.

A Strategic Location for Businesses

Bangar south is a premium spot for education. Home to the illustrious Universiti of Malaya, Bangsar South also houses the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

Bangsar South is also a hub for tech startups. Tech giants such as Alibaba, Honeywell, and Razer are headquartered in Bangsar South. The area is also home to the iconic Angkasapuri building. It is the official building of the Ministry of Information and Technology and is home to Radio Television Malaysia, RTM.

Residential Spaces

In terms of residential spaces, the area has a large number of mid-high end residential towers. One of the most prominent of these is the Vista Angkasa apartments. Vista Angkasa Apartments have been a cornerstone in the residential layout of Bangsar. 

Located behind the University LRT station, Vista apartments offer budget friendly homes for rental and purchasing purposes. The tower houses 14 floors and over 500 apartments. It comes fully equipped with a series of amenities such as a park, a mini mart, a recreational lake, a swimming pool, and a playground among other things.

Bangsar South has plenty of wide and open spaces and ample greenery. This allows fatigued paterons of the area to take a few minutes from their completely packed schedules and just breathe.

Public Transportation in Bangsar South

Commercial spaces in Bangsar South thrive due to its strategic location, providing effortless access to public transportations. This ensures smooth commuting for residents and professionals, fostering efficient connectivity throughout the area. 

It is accessible by:

  • University LRT Station
  • Kerinchi LRT Station

MSC-Certified Offices in Bangsar South

MSC-certified offices in Bangsar South represent a commitment to technological excellence within Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) initiative. Recognized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), these offices offer cutting-edge facilities, tax incentives, and a strategic location in Bangsar South.

What is MSC Malaysia Status Office

MSC Malaysia status office is an office space that has been granted special incentives by the Malaysian government. To be eligible for MSC status, an office must meet certain requirements, such as being located in a designated MSC area and having a certain amount of IT infrastructure. There are a number of MSC-certified offices in Bangsar South, including Menara BT.

Premium Grade A Office Spaces in Bangsar South

Strategically located in the heart of Bangsar South’s bustling business district, these spaces embody cutting-edge architecture, advanced technology infrastructure, and comprehensive amenities, fostering a stimulating and productive work environment that attracts and retains top talent. 

Menara BT stands as a shining example of Premium Grade A Office Spaces in Bangsar South, a testament to the district’s reputation as a hub of innovation and business success. 

This 20-story premium Grade A office space is strategically positioned at the heart of this bustling business hub, empowering businesses to achieve new heights of success. Its unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with its strategic location within a thriving business hub makes it the ideal choice for companies seeking a workspace that reflects their ambition and drives their growth.

Menara BT

Bangsar South

A 20-storey premium Grade A office tower with MSC Status conveniently sited within walking distance to Kerinchi LRT Station.

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