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Medini Iskandar Malaysia is a Malaysian suburb in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru District. Medini is a 2,230-acre metropolitan community with a population of 450,000 people expected by 2030. Medini is Malaysia’s biggest single urban development to date, and it will transform Iskandar Puteri’s networked Central Business District. Medini is projected to have a gross development value of US$20 billion over the next 15 to 20 years.

Medini is derived from the old name for Peninsular Malaysia’s southernmost point, Ujong Medini. Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“MIM”), a public-private collaboration between a group of Malaysian Government Linked Companies (GLCs) and private investors, is overseeing Medini’s development. MIM has been responsible for every phase of the development life cycle since its creation in 2007, from structural plan and infrastructural developments to building construction and municipal management services.

Fully Furnished Offices for Rent and Lease in Medini, Johor

There are many new, fully furnished offices for rent or lease in Medini Johor. This is all part of the Medini master plan. The Medini master plan was based on the economic clusters’ concept developed by UWI. 

Economic clusters are 24-hour mixed-use metropolitan projects that provide residents, tourists, and employees with accessible places to live, work, and entertain. Hence, if you are looking for an office for rent in Medini, Johor, it’s a great place to start a business. Each cluster is intertwined with the economic network that 

surrounds it. The masterplan is made up of five zones, each with its own concept.

The first zone is named Zone A, or known as Medini North. LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, Mall of Medini, Gleneagles Medini Hospital, and Afiniti Medini, an urban wellness project that comprises Somerset Medini Serviced Suites and the CIMB Leadership Training Centre, are all located in Zone A. 

The second zone, Zone B or Medini Business District, is a master-planned economic and entertainment district that comprises office space, housing, and community centres. Here, you can find D’Pristine Office Tower at Medini which is a 32-storey office building sited atop 3-storey retail podium and 6 levels of parking. This corporate office tower in Medini, Johor, has a Grade A building with GBI features. This is a strategic place if you are looking for an office for rent in Johor to build your business.

For the third zone, under Medini Central, it contains Zones C and D, which feature trade and logistics, creative parks, and a heritage area. The fourth zone, Zone E, currently called Avira, is a 207-acre health development with its own specialised wellness centre. Sunway Iskandar is located in Zone F, the fifth zone. Eco-parks, villas, boutique shopping centres, and a health and wellness town can be found at Sunway Iskandar, dubbed “Nature’s Capital City.”

Strategic Office Rentals in Johor

Medini is also a strategic office rental in Johor as it is located near two international airports. It is 20 minutes from Senai International Airport in Johor and 45 minutes from Changi International Airport in Singapore. 

MSC-certified offices in Medini not only embody technological excellence but also enjoy proximity to vibrant residential and commercial developments. This strategic location ensures a dynamic environment, with convenient access to shopping, dining, and recreational amenities, fostering a harmonious work-life balance for professionals in the area. 

  • Coastal Highway: Medini, Johor, strategically located, offers swift connectivity via the Coastal Highway, enhancing accessibility for residents and businesses.
  • North-South Expressway (NSE): With its strategic position, Medini provides easy access to the NSE, ensuring efficient travel within and beyond the region.
  • Second Link Expressway: The strategic location facilitates convenient entry to the Second Link Expressway, optimising transportation in and around Medini.

MSC-Status Office Spaces

Businesses in MSC-status office spaces in Medini benefit from tax incentives, a robust global network, and a strategic position near two international airports. This creates an environment conducive to technological advancement, making Medini a hub for businesses seeking cutting-edge facilities and support within Malaysia’s digital economy.

MSC Malaysia Status Office in Medini

MSC Malaysia status offices in Medini, including the Office Tower @ D’Pristine offered by PHB, emphasise technology-driven operations and local presence. These spaces meet stringent criteria, providing cutting-edge facilities and a strategic location within Medini. Positioned to advance Malaysia’s digital landscape, these offices offer businesses a dynamic and innovative environment conducive to growth.

Premium Offices in Medini, Johor

Premium offices for rent in Johor exemplifies excellence, meeting stringent standards for a sophisticated and professional business environment. With state-of-the-art facilities and strategic locations, these spaces in the heart of Medini’s business district cater to discerning companies, fostering productivity and innovation within a dynamic and modern workspace.

Grade A Office Space in Medini

These high-quality offices require adherence to international standards, emphasising a commitment to excellence. PHB’s Grade A office buildings in Medini, like Office Tower @ D’Pristine, exemplify these requirements, offering businesses a premium workspace designed for productivity and professionalism in the heart of Medini’s business district.

Elevate Medini

Medini @ Johor

A 32-storey office building sited atop 3-storey retail podium and 6 levels of parking. Grade A building with GBI features.

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