Renting an Office in Petaling Jaya: Complete Guide (2024)

When exploring office rental options in Petaling Jaya, it’s essential to quickly zero in on the most critical aspects that determine the suitability of a space for your business. Here’s a concise list to guide your search, ensuring you address the fundamental factors efficiently:

  1. Location within Petaling Jaya: Proximity to business hubs and accessibility.
  2. Cost and Budgeting: Rental rates and additional financial considerations.
  3. Office Space and Infrastructure: Suitability of space and inbuilt facilities.
  4. Amenities and Services: Availability and quality of additional services.

Focusing on these key points will streamline your decision-making process, leading you to the ideal office space that meets both your current and future business needs.

Location within Petaling Jaya

When considering the location within Petaling Jaya, it’s important to situate your business close to major business hubs and public transportation. This proximity can provide easier access to potential clients and valuable networking opportunities. Accessibility is another crucial factor; an ideal location would be well-connected to public transportation, including LRT and bus services, and near major highways for easy commuting. 

  1. Kelana Jaya LRT Station – Serves the Kelana Jaya Line, one of the major LRT lines in the Klang Valley, providing direct access to various parts of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.
  2. Taman Jaya LRT Station – Also on the Kelana Jaya Line, located near popular areas like the Amcorp Mall and Petaling Jaya Civic Centre.
  3. Asia Jaya LRT Station – Another key station on the Kelana Jaya Line, situated close to commercial areas and provides easy access to the PJ New Town.
  4. Bandar Utama MRT Station – Part of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line, this station is near the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, one of the largest malls in Malaysia.
  5. Mutiara Damansara MRT Station – Also on the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line, located close to The Curve shopping mall and IKEA Damansara.
  6. Phileo Damansara MRT Station – Serves the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line, providing access to commercial areas like Phileo Damansara.

Additionally, the dynamics of the neighbourhood play a significant role. Petaling Jaya has diverse areas, each known for specific industries or commercial activities. Selecting a neighbourhood that aligns with your business type and brand image can be advantageous, ensuring that your business is positioned in an area that reflects its ethos and target market.

Cost and Budgeting

Cost considerations are fundamental in choosing an office space. It’s important to compare rental rates across different parts of Petaling Jaya to identify areas that offer value for money while still meeting your requirements. 

Prime areas like Bandar Utama or Damansara might have higher rental rates compared to other parts of Petaling Jaya. According to a survey by Knight Frank, the average rental rate in Petaling Jaya is RM 4.47 psf but can go higher, depending on the location and amenities offered. 

In addition to rent, consider other expenses that impact the overall cost – service charges, which can include security, cleaning, and general maintenance. Parking fees in commercial areas can also add a significant amount to monthly expenses.

The terms of the lease are also critical. Pay close attention to the lease duration, any clauses related to rent increases, and conditions for terminating the lease. A clear understanding of these terms can help in making a financially prudent decision.

Office Space and Infrastructure

The physical aspects of the office space are paramount. Assess how much space is needed based on your current team and expected growth in the near future. The layout and design of the office also matter; consider whether an open-plan layout or individual offices would better suit your team’s working style. Additionally, essential facilities such as high-speed internet, efficient air conditioning, and an adequate number of power outlets are crucial for a functional and comfortable working environment.

Amenities and Services

Lastly, evaluate the amenities and services provided. Basic services like security, cleaning, and efficient waste disposal are essential for the smooth operation of an office. Look for buildings that offer additional conveniences, such as on-site cafeterias, fitness centres, or meeting rooms. These amenities can significantly enhance the working experience for your employees, contributing to overall job satisfaction and productivity.

Offices to Rent in Petaling Jaya

Menara Teras

Menara Teras, a 20-storey high-rise in Petaling Jaya, offers spacious office spaces ideal for businesses and startups. Located in Empire City, Damansara Perdana, this modern tower is near key destinations like Kuala Lumpur city center and The Curve shopping area. Its strategic position near major highways, including the Damansara-Puchong Highway and Penchala Link, enhances accessibility, making it an attractive location for enterprises seeking a well-connected office space.


PJ33 is a renowned office in Petaling Jaya.

PJ33 in Petaling Jaya distinguishes itself with its comprehensive amenities and excellent accessibility, making it an attractive office rental option. The building houses a variety of shops and restaurants, such as Jaya Grocer and MBG Fruits, and is ideal for meetings and product launches, especially in the Plaza33 lobby. You can easily reach PJ33 via public transport from KL Sentral, taking the LRT Putra Height Line and then a short bus ride to Jalan Utara. Additionally, bus services including numbers 780, PJ02, and PJ01 provide direct routes from KL Sentral to PJ33, offering a range of commuting options.

CP Tower

CP Tower is a premier office situated between Petaling Jaya and Damansara.

CP Tower, a 24/7 operational 22-story skyscraper in Petaling Jaya, offers extensive office space and over 690 parking bays, ideal for growing businesses. It enjoys a strategic location at the crossroads of Petaling Jaya and Damansara, close to shopping centres, the Eastin Hotel, and various eateries. The tower is conveniently located near Phileo Damansara Station, Monorail KTM, and bus stops for easy commuting. Additionally, its proximity to medical centres and childcare facilities adds to its appeal for working professionals.


By thoroughly assessing each of these aspects – location, cost, office space and infrastructure, and amenities – you can make an informed decision when renting an office in Petaling Jaya. This approach ensures that the chosen office not only meets your immediate operational needs but also supports the long-term growth and success of your business.

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